Speed To Customer: How To Hyper-Train The Facebook Algorithm To Find Your Customers In Real-Time
How we teach our clients to create Facebook Ads that hyper-train the Facebook Algorithm to find their ideal customers and clients month after month on autopilot…

...even if they have never written an ad before.
Now that we have created, managed and taught customer acquisition for over 100 businesses that collectively spent over 7 figures per month on Facebook Ads, we have proved a few things to be true…
#1. Speed To Customer is key. 
To dynamically generate leads and buyers day after day, you have to create your ad with the proper context and target your audience in a way that informs the Facebook Algorithm who exactly is your target. 
Facebook can build a dynamic profile of tens of thousands of data points and attributes of your primary target. 
And then find them for you in real-time. 
But here’s the catch. 
If you don’t set up your ads and audiences properly initially, you are making it much harder on yourself AND the algorithm to find your target.
Whether it’s one month, one week, one day or one hour…
Every customer and lead has a decision window. 
Put simply, you are either present during that window…
… or you are out. 

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