54% of new natural and organic brands launched online
Written by Justin Evergreen on Nov. 28th 2018
While many traditional food and beverage brands have yet to embrace the shift in consumer behavior full force, a recent survey by New Hope shines a light on what brands launched in the last few years are up to. 
Brands Doing It Right: 4 Reasons Why 
Sun Bum's Content Works
Written by Justin Evergreen on Oct. 12th 2018
Sun Bum is a sunscreen brand with a strong online community and follows the content-first modern playbook. We analyzed their 2,500 Instagram posts to find the patterns in their success and what makes them so beloved. 
How We Leveraged AI With IBM Watson To Improve Facebook Ad Results
Written by Justin Evergreen on Oct. 10th 2018
We executed a test to determine how IBM Watson Tone Analysis could impact performance through a test using Facebook’s advertising platform against a broad range of demographics within the US. 
5 Beverage Brands With The Most 
Eye-Catching Content 
Written by Justin Evergreen on Oct. 6th 2018
The beverage category is one of the most competitive spaces in all of consumer products. Legacy giants meet emerging players in the battle for attention online. As always it comes down to the quality of the content and the promotion of the brand. Here's 5 that stand out...
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