Justin Evergreen Reviews: A roundup of our favorites
From No Facebook Ads Experience To 15% Growth Every Month
I'm a first time founder in the tech space. I was considering hiring an agency when I saw Justin's video and learned about the training program. As a founder I know no one will care more about my business than I do so I decided to learn how to acquire my own customers. I'm so happy I did! Justin makes everything super easy to understand and implement. If you are on the fence about joining this training think about this...there is no one who is going to work harder to grow your company than YOU! So think of it as an investment in yourself so that you have the knowledge to grow and scale your company. I would absolutely recommend this training.
Constance Curtis
From 3x to 5x ROAS Thanks To Customer Acquisition Training
Prior to starting Justin's Customer Acquisition Training we were having trouble scaling and achieving an overall return on a month to month basis from our Facebook ads that we were happy with. After only a couple weeks in Justin's program we were able to see a significant increase in ROAS. We were actually able to go from 3x to 5x return on ad spend on a monthly basis which we are really happy about. My advice to anybody who is considering Justin's program is to go for it! If you are in the same situation as us where we were really stuck and didn't know what to do I think Justin can really help you succeed in this ad spend world. 
Mitch Tomasek
From Feeling Stuck To Increasing My ROAS 118% And Sustaining It
I just wanted to give a big shout out and thank you to Justin and his team. I've been working on my own and running my own ads on Facebook and Google for my company for the last 10 years and just in the last couple years it's started to get pretty challenging and I needed to ninja up my skills so I reached out to Justin. And right within the first two weeks of working with Justin, using the media buying and audience strategies that he showed me I was able to increase my ROAS by 118%! That's still happening now, and I do owe that to him. That was huge and I just wanted to say I'm really impressed with the level of insight that I've gained working with Justin and his team. I feel like they have given me a solid blueprint that I can use and take to scale my business to who knows where and I'm very excited about that so thank you very much.
Scott Nobriga
Already at 2.58x ROAS after only a couple weeks in the Program
Before I started working with Justin and Alicia I had developed my product but had no experience with digital marketing. After a couple weeks in the program we were able to launch our product into the market and are already getting 2.58x Return on ad spend, which is really great! So I can only imagine what's going to happen in the next couple of weeks. So if you are on the fence about wether or not this is something you want to do, just ask a lot of questions and don't think too much about it. Just try it out and see how it goes. I'm sure you won't be disappointed. I wasn't!
Renee Dooley

Scott Thompson, SMT Enterprises 

"Thank you very much! I created SMT Enterprises many years ago and truthfully I was giving up on the program. I’ve spent so much money trying to promote it and the sales were not there. 
Your training has breathed new life into this endeavor and I have learned so much and I’m only on chapter three!  You and your team really care and that’s rare!"

Lyndon Mumm, RA Floors

“Wow, I went through the first week and completed the first three worksheets, Smart Audience, Ideal Customer and Value Point of Difference and a lot came out of that I had never thought about before. I also watched the 3 Powerful Audiences video and I am blown away. Wow, that is powerful and I can really see now why you were confident I could find my Avatars for my different markets especially through the Archetype audiences. With some work and some outsourcing, I can drill this down to a killer look a like audience and reach exactly who I need to. Very Powerful and very exciting. Sorry for the email but I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you that this is very cool. I have taken several FaceBook ads courses and no one ever mentioned Archetype Audiences. Don't worry, I will use the support email from this point forward but I just wanted to tell you that I am very pleased and looking forward to paying a lot of college tuition through my new Lead Gen System.”

Stephen Swanson, Stock Forecast Today

 “You really know your stuff!"

Elaine Morrison, Drink Eviva

 “I loved that you taught by examples, it makes it much easier to see it for my brand. I was amazed at the part about figuring out who to map your message to and exploring all these ways to figure out who they follow and what they like - floored me that it was even possible.”

Dr. Andrew Jacono, A top plastic surgeon in the US

“Here’s the deal with agencies..they do anything and everything to win your business. They just want to get their retainer and then the moment they have you on retainer they give all of your work to a few junior people who are all over worked and don’t have much guidance. You then see your results drop and begin looking for new agencies which begins a never ending cycle of over paying and never getting the results you pay for. I’ve learned over the years that building out skilled in-house teams is the only way to go and that's why my team is doing this training.” 

Vidal Blankenstein, Imaginary Company

“This training is AWESOME!!!"
Everyday we get lots of emails, DMs and videos of our customers kicking butt in the program and we wanted to take a moment to share a few of our favorite and most meaning full ones. 

We get comments and inquiries from people that are interested in enrolling in our Customer Acquisition program so we wanted to start providing these favorite customer review roundups as a way to demonstrate all the effort and care that's gone into creating this training.

All of our methodology has always and will always center around providing the best possible experience for our students. Because if it is good for the student then it is good for us. We hold this vision above all and we are constantly looking for ways to make our program even better at all times. 

Forever obsessed with perfecting the user experience!

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