Justin Evergreen Reviews: From No Facebook Ads Experience to 15% Growth Every Month

“Hi, my name is Constance and I am a first time founder in the tech space.

Starting your own company has a ton of different challenges and one of the biggest challenges that I had was learning how to acquire new customers.

I knew I had to advertise but I wasn't sure what platform to advertise on or even how to reach my target audience on those platforms. 

So I was talking to a few different agencies and talking to them about what they would charge me to acquire customers for myself. 

And that is when I saw Justin Evergreen's video and it really resonated with me and I thought yeah he's right. 

Am I going to pay someone else to learn how to acquire my customers when really I should be teaching myself how to do it?

So that's when I decided to sign up for the training class and it's been honestly one of the best decisions I made in the process of creating my startup.

Every month I've seen 15 percent growth in my revenues which has been absolutely amazing and I'm super happy about that! 

And a lot of that I attribute to Justin's training class and really teaching me how to target my audience on Facebook and Instagram through ads.

I also thought it was going to be really difficult to create an ad. 

I thought maybe I have to bring in like a production company and it's gonna be like this whole huge ordeal.

It's not! I shoot video ads on my iphone. I write my own copy for the ads. I take my own photos.

He makes it really really really easy.

And then there's support calls every single week and him and his wife Alicia are super patient and they're just super helpful. 

You could ask them any questions you want and they'll make sure that you get the answers.

They review ads for you and give you suggestions on certain things which is huge!

Because I didn't know if I was doing it right at first you know. 
But yeah it's been really great.

I'm super happy about making this decision to do this training class.

If you're on the fence about doing this training class, think about this…

there was no one that is going to work harder for your company then you are going to work.

So think about it as an investment in yourself so you can learn how to grow your company and make it a huge success! 

So I wish you all the best in building your company and I definitely, definitely recommend this training and I wish you all the best. 

Good luck!”

Constance Curtis
Founder, CEO
The List

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